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Baby H's Newborn Shoot

Besides my own photography business I am also a newborn photographer at one of the local hospitals for Bella Baby Photography. Needless to say, I photograph a lot of newborns! They are all adorable and all unique. However, there is something so special about doing a newborn shoot for one of your own babies, a dear family member, or a good friend. There is a different connection. Don't get me wrong, I put the same energy and professionalism into every shoot I do but when it is a little baby that I am going to watch grow and see through so many of her own milestones it makes my heart feel so warm and fuzzy. Baby H's mom is one of my dear good friends. We have seen each other through many milestones in our own lives. We have known each other since kindergarten, graduated from High School together, I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids in her wedding to her equally amazing husband, she was the first friend to come and meet my little Charlie after he was born and I was there to see her in the hospital after Baby H was born. I gifted mom and dad a mini shoot for their baby shower gift and they decided to do a mini newborn shoot. I couldn't have been more pleased. This little one was a dream to photograph and I am so excited to watch her grow and more excited to see how amazing my friend is going to be as a mommy.

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