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Mommy & Me Mini Sessions are a Wrap!

And successful at that! I thoroughly loved photographing every one of my Mommy & Me mini sessions. I got to shoot at some new locations like Weir Farm in Ridgefield, CT which is an absolute gem of a place. So beautiful with pebble walks, draping lilac, old architecture, fields and stonewalls.

A new secret spot at one of the local beaches where at low tide is just complete perfection with rocks, smooth glistening sand and greenery in the background. I happened to stumble at this spot because the mom I was meeting couldn't find the location we had chosen so we picked a nearby beach that we both knew. With beautiful lighting this particular beach it was just magical.

So beautiful I used it again.

A tried and true Southport Harbor, which was perfect for this mom and her son. Owen's parents did their gender reveal here!

And this other family who has three outgoing energetic kids. A perfect spot for them to run, look at the boats and play on the rope swing.

And lastly, the comfort of ones own back yard. I feel like more and more people are shying away from using their own homes but I always find that many are more comfortable in these spaces. Especially with kids. They have their swings and favorite spots and if the kids want bubbles, well, Mom knows where she has the bubbles! So remember that if you don't have a favorite spot or cannot think of one where you want to do a shoot, don't forget about your own space and the comfort of your own home.

Thank you again to all you moms who took advantage of this amazing offer and opportunity and more importantly for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend some time with me and allow me to capture some lasting memories with you and your kiddos. I sure do hope to work with you all again and maybe, just maybe, we can include dad next time!

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