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When your best friends sister in-law asks if you would be interested in doing a shoot with four dogs you say, ABSOLUTELY! I have done family shoots with dogs included but this was my first ever shoot where the main focus was on the doggies and the complete love one doggy mom has for her beautiful golden, Gordon.

Lauren wanted to make sure that I also captured her moms furbaby, Chloe, in her favorite spots doing her thing.

The other two dogs, Emsley and Daisy, belong to Lauren's brother and Sister-in-law. They rounded out the crew!

These four-legged loves weren't the only focus of the shoot. Lauren wanted to get some shots of the land and home she has grown to love so much. It wasn't hard to get some great shots as the property and house are stunning and make for a great photo shoot location.

Well, that's a wrap on my first ever doggy shoot. I hope to do more soon!

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